Stresslesslife-Coaching in English


are you living as an expat in Germany, especially in the Dusseldorf area, and are you looking for stress reducing coaching, EMDR, and hypnosis in English language?

I’m glad you found me. This shows me that you probably have got an emotional issue which seems hard to manage, such as

  • stress (in private or professional context)
  • memories of burdening experiences 
  • overwhelming emotions 
  • worries and negative thinking 
  • anxieties
  • phobias
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of confidence
  • loneliness 
  • grief
  • anger and bitterness
  • hopelessness
  • undesired behaviour
  • learning difficulties
  • psychosomatic symptoms

You are lucky, because I can help you. In over 15 years of experience I developed a unique approach using modern techniques with which I will support you in lowering your pressure or even make it disappear within just a few sessions (in most cases 1-3).

We don’t have to talk for hours and go far back into your past. That’s why your and my English don’t have to be perfect. We will easily find out the unconscious reasons and triggers for your emotions and behaviour and solve them. Furthermore, we will transform hindering believes which you have built-up during your life up to now and which are not helpful anymore.

After my sessions, you will feel free and lighter as if you had lost a heavy burden. You will see your negative past in a neutral or even positive light and look forward to the future with more hope and confidence. Your inner voice will speak to yourself in a lot friendlier way. So you can finally become the person you have always wanted to be and live the life you wish to live.

You want to try this fabulous experience? You will feel the difference very quickly.

Just give me a call, write me a WhatsApp or schedule an appointment with me in Ratingen near Dusseldorf by clicking on Kontakt.

Kind regards,

Henriette Kern-Schuh

PS: If you live too far away, you can either choose an online session or an intensive coaching with overnight stay in my apartment.